Gastronomy: FAQ about the registration obligation

The regulation on the obligation to register in the gastronomy in Vienna is available. Guests have to fill in their data in a form starting on Monday.

This is intended to facilitate the search for contact persons in case of coronavirus infections. The establishments are required to keep the forms for four weeks.

How long does the regulation apply?
The name, telephone number, e-mail address and table number must be entered. The data may only be used in the case of infection of a guest. The regulation is valid until the end of the year for the time being. Restaurant owners who refuse to implement the regulation are threatened with fines – the amount of which is regulated in the Epidemic Law.

What about false statements?
There is no legal action against guests who make false statements. Also identity cards do not have to be checked by the restaurant owners, as was emphasized in the office of health city councillor Peter Hacker (SPÖ). One hopes however that the guests will register themselves, since it is in their interest, it was said.

Take-Away or Drive Inn locations not affected
If you only order and pick up, no form is needed. This is because take-away restaurants are not covered by the regulation – as long as the food is not consumed there. The same applies to inns where you can take food with you. Those who stay there only briefly do not have to register. If, however, you wait in the restaurant during the preparation of the meal and consume a drink there, for example, you must fill out the form.

Registration in Upper Austria voluntary
In Upper Austria there is according to economics and tourism councillor Markus Achleitner since beginning of July a voluntary guest registration in the catering trade.

“Due to the current Corona numbers in upper Austria an intensification of this voluntary measure is not necessary from current view, just as little as an advancement of the curfew hour as in other Lands of the Federal Republic , so Achleitner.

Lower Austria plans introduction
Like Vienna, the province of Lower Austria is also planning to introduce compulsory gastro-registration for guests. This was announced by Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner on Friday. If the traffic light in a district should be switched to red, there is additionally an advance of the curfew from 1.00 to 22.00 o’clock. The Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria (WKNÖ) is to issue the specifications in the coming days, which are to be implemented in coordination with Vienna if possible.

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