Two samples compared: Researchers certain: Coronavirus is mutated and even more infectious

Due to an increased number of viruses in the throat, the mutated corona virus transmits more easily and thus endangers particularly high-risk groups.
The corona virus has apparently mutated and thus become more dangerous. This is what scientists from the “Houston Methodist Hospital” in Texas claim to have found out.

They compared samples from different points in time and found more infected cells in the sample of the “second wave”. Almost all DNA strands of the later samples are said to have a mutation – the so-called D614G. This mutation is said to have made the coronavirus more infectious.

Corona mutation: The modified virus is more infectious
The Houston scientists’ study is one of many that report that mutated corona viruses can be more contagious.

For example, a study of almost 1000 corona patients in Sheffield, UK, confirmed that patients with the D614G mutation carried a higher average number of viruses in their bodies.

Infection is therefore much more likely to occur due to the D614G mutation. Fortunately, however, the course of the disease should not be made more difficult by the new virus.

Corona mutation more dangerous for risk groups
The reason for the faster and easier spread of the modified virus is the amount of virus in the throat. This is significantly higher than the virus before the mutation, which increases the probability of infection.

The mutation of the virus could therefore put risk groups at greater risk. “If the virus is more easily transmitted, the probability that it will more easily strike people who are older, who have underlying diseases, is nevertheless greater,” explains Dr. Georg-Christian Zinn in an interview with RTL.

New corona virus: Hygiene measures can protect
Therefore, Zinn advises to continue to take hygiene measures seriously. The AHA formal, consisting of keeping your distance, observing hygiene and wearing an everyday mask, have proven to be effective.

This is a good way to protect yourself and others from infection, explains the director of the Hygiene Center of the Institute for Medical Diagnostics “Bioscientia”.

“The mutations we have followed so far are not so significant that the virus has changed completely. We see individual, small changes – for example, that we have more viruses in our throat and can release more viruses – but not that the virus looks completely different,” the expert warns.

The production of a vaccine can therefore continue without any problems. In addition, the mutations of the virus are continuously monitored. Tin also indicates that the corona virus changes much more slowly than the flu virus, for example.

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