More than one million corona deaths worldwide

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, according to US scientists, more than one million people have died worldwide after infection with the virus. This was revealed on Monday evening by data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. More than 33.2 million infections were detected. Experts assume a high number of unreported cases. Around a fifth of all recorded deaths are in the USA, where more than 205,000 people died.

The number of victims in the USA, where around 330 million people live, is the highest in the world in absolute numbers to date. Relative to the number of inhabitants, however, the number of deaths is higher in some European countries. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, around 63 people per 100,000 inhabitants died in the USA, while the figure is slightly higher in Great Britain. In Spain there are 67 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, in Germany 11.

Worldwide, the WHO recorded more than 996,000 deaths and a good 33 million known infections. More than 142,000 people died in Brazil and more than 95,000 in India.

The website of Hopkins University is regularly updated with incoming data and therefore shows a higher level than the official figures of the World Health Organization (WHO). In some cases, however, the figures have recently been revised downwards again.

Meanwhile, the Italian health authorities reported a renewed increase in coronavirus infections on Tuesday. 1,648 new cases were registered in over 90,000 tests in 24 hours, compared to 1,494 the day before. 24 deaths were also reported, eight more than the day before. The number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic in February thus rose to 35,875.

Walter Ricciardi, member of the World Health Organization WHO and advisor to the Italian government on coronavirus, is campaigning for the introduction of rapid tests in schools. Although these tests are not one hundred percent reliable, he says they have already been successfully tested at airports. Ricciardi again called on the Italians to be very careful. “The first epidemic wave never really came to an end,” he warned.

The situation in Israel also remains critical, with the number of seriously ill close to the critical 800 mark, according to the Ministry of Health. Israel is in the middle of a second corona wave. At the end of last week, the number of new infections per day had reached a record level of almost 8,500. With a complete lockdown, the government wants to ensure the functioning of the health system. For Monday, 1,151 new infections were registered. However, the number of tests was very low on Yom Kippur, the highest Jewish holiday. However, 15 percent of them tested positive. The pathogen SARS-CoV-2 has been detected in a total of 235,465 people in Israel since the beginning of the pandemic. 1,523 people have died in connection with a corona infection.

— Hector Pascua, with reports from Austrian Press Agency. Picture:

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