Gastro registration: False name can cost up to 1,450 euros

After several violations of the Corona protection measures in Viennese clubs had become known over the weekend, Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ), State Police Director Gerhard Pürstl and the head of the Immediate Action Group of the City Council, Walter Hillerer, confirmed on Tuesday that the city and the police will continue to intensively monitor the catering industry.

Ludwig also defended the compulsory registration in the gastronomy sector, which came into force on Monday. Due to the high number of infections, he said, the city is forced to intervene in the living environment of many people, but: “We always try to use the least invasive means possible.

And this is the obligation to register in order to enable or facilitate contact tracing in case of infection. “We are counting on customers to understand that this makes sense,” said Ludwig.

Restaurant owners must be careful
Penalties for registering obvious fake names could be fined. These are based on the Epidemic Law, so there is a maximum penalty of 1,450 euros, the initial penalties range from 250 to 450 euros according to Hillerer.

Restaurant owners, on the other hand, are of course free to make use of their rights and expel guests from the premises if they refuse to enter their actual contact details.

If guests theoretically register with credible sounding but nevertheless false names and contact data, restaurant owners are not threatened with sanctions – they cannot demand identification to verify the authenticity of the data.

— Hector Pascua, with reports from

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