Infections in France and Italy continue to rise

The number of new coronavirus infections in France continues to rise. Yesterday 49,215 new cases were recorded, about 1,500 more than yesterday. The number of deaths rose by 256 to a total of 36,565.

A record number was reported by Italy: 31,084 cases were recorded within one day, the Ministry of Health announced. The figures fuelled the debate on stricter measures to contain the pandemic. It was only on Sunday that head of government Giuseppe Conte issued new nationwide restrictions; among other things, cinemas and theaters had to close.

“Over 31,000 cases and 199 deaths. I ask only one question: what are we waiting for,” wrote the Italian virologist Roberto Burioni on Twitter and called for new measures. The president of the Health Institute ISS, Silvio Brusaferro, said the situation was getting worse across the country. At the moment there are almost 17,000 infected people in Italian hospitals.

Italy was one of the countries worst affected by the pandemic during the first wave in spring. In total, almost 650,000 infections with the novel coronavirus have been registered in Italy so far; more than 38,000 people have died.

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