Ireland imposes shutdown for at least a month

Due to a sharp rise in new Corona infections and the spread of a new virus variant, Ireland is now also shutting down public life for at least a month. The situation is very serious, said head of government Michael Martin on Wednesday evening. “The numbers will continue to deteriorate in the coming days.” Given the pace at which the coronavirus is spreading, the brakes must be applied, Martin said.

The restrictions are similar to a curfew. As of Wednesday evening, private visits are prohibited, as are public gatherings – exceptions are made for weddings with up to six people and funerals with up to 10 people. People are to leave their homes only for work, education and other necessary purposes. Outdoor sports are allowed within five kilometers of homes. The start of school after the Christmas vacations will be postponed by three days to January 11.

The coming month will be “very hard for everyone,” Martin said. But thanks to vaccines, there is hope, he said. “For the first time since this terrible disease hit our country, there is an end in sight.” He said he is confident that tens of thousands of people in Ireland will be vaccinated by the end of January.

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