Around 6,000 people vaccinated in Austria so far

Around 6,000 people have now been vaccinated against the coronavirus in Austria, the Ministry of Health reported in a statement. This is the first “symbolic” delivery of the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine, which began vaccinating across Europe on Sunday. The total of 9,750 for each EU country were used in Austria in retirement and nursing homes and health care facilities.

Another 53,000 vaccine doses will be delivered to Austria by the end of this week, the ministry said. In the coming weeks of January, 63,000 vaccine doses will be delivered each week.

Starting January 5, 2021, all nursing homes and Covid 19 wards will be able to access the vaccine in the e-shop of Bundesbeschaffungs GmbH (BBG), and from January 12, large-scale vaccination will take place in nursing homes and Covid 19 wards throughout Austria.

In the future, the Ministry of Social Affairs will provide regular updates on the doses already distributed at

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