What is allowed on New Year’s Eve – and what is forbidden

The exit restrictions remain in force today. This means that one may leave the house or apartment only with good reasons. These include averting danger to life, limb and property, emergencies, helping others or physical as well as mental recreation.

Parties are not possible
But beware: although this means that you can go outside at midnight to walk under the stars (fireworks are largely canceled or prohibited), toast with champagne or waltz – but only with your own household or a maximum of one close reference person. Parties outside or inside are not allowed .

Police presence
While police will not be checking inside apartments or houses (exception: noise nuisance), they will be out on the streets more to ensure compliance with curfew restrictions or the fireworks ban.

Grocery stores will be allowed to open until 6 p.m. today, and food service establishments will be allowed to offer food and beverages (except open alcoholic beverages) for pickup until 7 p.m. They are also allowed to deliver at midnight.

Important questions about restrictions on New Years’ Eve

Can I stay overnight in my friends home, if I have no chance to go home because of the curfew ordinance?
Yes. The curfew restrictions do apply around the clock. However, if a single person is visiting a household, this is allowed; no time restrictions apply – thus overnight stays are also allowed.

Am I allowed to meet several people outside at midnight?
No. The following always applies: leaving one’s own living area and spending time outside is only permitted with people from one’s own household or with a maximum of one person from outside the household.

May I listen to the “Pummerin” at midnight on St. Stephen’s Square?
Yes, alone or with your own household or a person from outside the household. This falls under the exception “outdoor recreation” and applies to all public places. Attention: 1 meter distance to other people!

Am I allowed to shoot rockets from my private property?
That depends. In principle, there is a ban on fireworks in the local area. It can be lifted by the mayor. Outside the local area firework falls victim to the exit restrictions.

  • with reports from the innenministerium.at and krone.at/picture: pixabay.com

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