2,088 new infections, number of infected persons in Austria exceeded the 400,000 mark

To date, there have been 401,886 positive test results in Austria. As of today (January 22, 2021, 09:30), 7,330 people across Austria have died as a result of Corona virus and 378,408 have recovered. Currently there are 1,914 persons are undergoing hospital treatment due to the corona virus, and 331 of the ill persons are in intensive care units.

New infections since the last report are divided among the
provinces as follows:

Burgenland: 33
Carinthia: 131
Lower Austria: 228
Upper Austria: 249
Salzburg: 696 (incl. late registrations; since yesterday 183)
Styria: 218
Tyrol: 142
Vorarlberg: 71
Vienna: 320

  • Source: gesundheitsministerium.at

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