Filipino group joins church cleaning project in Vienna

Some members of the Association of Pangasinenses in Austria gathered together to help a cleaning project of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Pfarre Herz Jesu) in Vienna’s 21st District, Töllergasse 9.

Fr. Joseph Giggenbacher, the parish priest is very glad that a part of the filipino community in Vienna actively participates in church projects and activities in the parish.

The “cleaning team” of APA with Fr. Joseph Giggenbacher and Parish Secretary Bruni Weiszgerber. Picture: Pfarre Herz Jesu (Erika)

Before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the Association of Pangasinenses in Austria had been meeting together in the church and parish hall for their meetings and services in honor of their patron, Our Lady of Manaoag. One can find the image of our Lady of Manaog inside the church, too.

The group is scheduled to clean the church again on March 30, 2021.

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