Medical Association President: “Lock down the whole of Austria”.

Medical Association President Thomas Szekeres today urged a “lockdown for all of Austria.” “The situation in hospitals and intensive care units is dramatic. Not only in Vienna and eastern Austria, but also in the provinces it will soon be so,” he wrote in his blog. His conclusion: “Lock up the whole of Austria. And finally buy vaccines.”

According to Szekeres, “it seems as if incidence rates are lower in the West, but people forget that local clusters pop up regularly, where tracing is questionable.” The physician representative’s solution: “Put all of Austria in lockdown for two or three weeks.”

There will be no other way to escape the virus, he said, “it knows no borders.” “I fear that the third wave will also affect the western provinces and that there will then also be a highly dramatic situation in intensive care units there,” Szekeres said in his personal webblog.

Buy vaccine “wherever you can get it”
Szekeres advocates for increased, “timely” purchase of vaccines. “You should buy vaccine wherever you can get it, as soon as possible.” He called the undersupply of vaccines “dramatic:” “If not even 10,000 units can be vaccinated on an Easter weekend, that speaks to the extreme shortage economy.”

He also pointed out that “more than 4,000 office-based general practitioners and tens of thousands of other office-based physicians” were ready “to vaccinate immediately.” “They would only have to be supplied with vaccine, and the vaccination rate would become extremely dynamic.”

His appeal is therefore: “Lockdown for the whole of Austria, buy vaccine, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. And if necessary, go your own way and forget the already shaky solidarity with the EU.” Speaking to Austrian Press Agency, he also recommended that the government secure modified vaccines for the fall and winter now in view of possible mutations.

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