Green passport with QR code limited in operation

The electronic Green Passport by means of QR code has started its operation today. However, as the Ministry of Health informed APA, the digital creation and retrieval of certificates with EU-compliant QR codes has started for the time being only for recovered and tested persons, but not yet for vaccinated persons. The retrieval via also did not work at first.

The official test results produced, for example, by test roads or pharmacies were already produced in the EU-compliant format and initially still sent by mail or SMS, but already with QR code. During the day, the first recovery certificates were also issued and already retrieved by individual authorities.

This process is not yet complete. As soon as it is, access via with mobile signature or citizen card will also be possible. According to the Ministry of Health, this should be the case “soon.”

“Proven” or “not proven”.
For tested persons, the test result is shown on the certificate with the terms “proven” or “not proven.” This means that infection with coronavirus is present in the first case and was not detectable in the second. With these terms (not detected), Austria follows the corresponding EU directive.

The recovery certificates contain the date of the first positive test as well as the date from which the certificate is valid or the six months thereafter until the end of validity.

Within Austria, as in previous weeks, the certificates continue to count as entry tests for catering, culture, etc. In addition to the new certificates, the previously used proofs in analog or printed form also remain valid.

Vaccination certificates “in the next step”.
The Ministry of Health confirms that the vaccination certificates in the EU standard will be added “in a next step”. A concrete date is still not mentioned, but it should be at the latest with the EU-wide introduction of the green passport with 1 July so far. However, digital proof of vaccination can already be created and downloaded from the e-vaccination passport – at – using a cell phone signature or citizen card.

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