Good news from Vienna: More tests, but few new infections

1 September 2020 – Although there was a significant increase in testing in Vienna last week, there were fewer new cases.

As of Monday, 7,995 positive tests have been confirmed in Vienna. The number of deaths related to the virus remains unchanged at 210. 5,997 people have recovered.

Thus the number of new positive findings in the past calendar week (886) has decreased by exactly 4.0 percent compared to the previous calendar week (923). The number of tests carried out daily increased to 4,391 in the past calendar week and is thus 68 percent higher than in the previous calendar week with an average of 2,613 tests per day.
The health hotline 1450 received 1,557 calls. Information for the population gives also the service number of the agency for health and food security (AGES) under 0800 555 621.

The COVID 19 Test at Ernst Happel stadium is for Viennese open until 21:00 Hours.

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