Vienna rehearses mass vaccination

A first large-scale vaccination campaign will take place in Vienna this weekend. Physicians in private practice, their office staff, employees in mobile care, paramedics in emergency services and midwives will receive their first vaccination from January 15 to 18, 2021 at the Messe Wien. In one hall, 14 vaccination lanes will be set up, 11,000 people are expected to receive their vaccination during these days. Registration will take place through the respective organizations. “We want to see how many people we can vaccinate in a short time, if the vaccine is available,” Hacker said.

Criticism comes from Burgenland. “The federal government is supplying too little vaccine,” said the spokeswoman for provincial leader Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ). That’s why it’s not yet possible to vaccinate those over 80 in January. “The chancellor raises expectations there that could not be fulfilled. That’s how you gamble away trust.” Burgenland presented its vaccination plan on Tuesday. In January, so SPÖ health regional council Leonhard Schneemann, one could vaccinate 4500 people, 9000 doses would be ready. It will be started in hospitals and old people’s homes.

The willingness to vaccinate among Vorarlberg’s health personnel seems to be particularly high: On the first large-scale vaccination weekend from January 8 to 10, a total of over 6,000 vaccine doses were administered. This means that more than half of the approximately 5,900 hospital employees in the state have already been vaccinated.

Pharmacists warn
Meanwhile, the Chamber of Pharmacists warned against the purchase of supposed Corona vaccines over the Internet. “Such offers can clearly only be fakes,” it said in a statement.

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