“Gold Standard”: Only Corona vaccination offers highest safety

Negative PCR tests or rapid antigen tests are only temporary means to fight the spread of the corona virus according to the Medical Association. To be sure, Corona vaccination is the “gold standard.”

The presidents of Austria’s regional medical associations have taken up a lance for vaccination in advance of the planned openings. “Vaccination is the ‘gold standard’ to be safe,” Medical Association President Thomas Szekeres stressed Wednesday. Everyone should sign up for a vaccination appointment as soon as possible to help get back to a normal life, he said.

Corona tests would give deceptive sense of security
Tested, recovered or vaccinated – these are the requirements for culture and gastronomy from May 19. But this conveys a partially deceptive sense of security, he said. “This sends the wrong message,” say the medical experts. They say this is especially true with tests that are supposed to be valid for 48 hours.

“For PCR tests that take longer to evaluate, a 48-hour validity is justifiable,” Szekeres said. But for rapid antigen tests, there should be a 24-hour limit on validity. Only PCR tests would actually give correct results, while rapid antigen tests would have a high error rate. “But even a negative PCR test is only a snapshot,” the medical association president emphasized.

Medical association calls for vaccination
That is why it is “very, very important” that as many people as possible get vaccinated, the state medical association presidents said, “no matter what vaccine is used.” Testing in gastro or culture is not an alternative to vaccination.

  • sources: vienna.at/APA/Picture: pixabay.com

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