Almost 55 million Corona vaccinations injected

In Germany, 54.9 million doses of vaccination against the corona virus have now been administered. According to the RKI on Monday, 38 million people (45.7 percent) have been vaccinated at least once, and 17.7 million people (21.3 percent) have been fully vaccinated. As of Sunday, 273,355 doses had been injected, according to the RKI.

Those willing to be vaccinated can get vaccinated against Corona starting this Monday, regardless of the priority list that has been in place in Germany. At the same time, thousands of company doctors are getting involved in the vaccinations. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wrote on Twitter on Monday: “From today, company doctors are vaccinating nationwide with – this helps to better reach some undecided.”

Since Monday, the RKI has changed its counting method slightly. Now people who are vaccinated with the vaccine from the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson are already counted with the first vaccination – previously only with the fully vaccinated.

According to the RKI, the vaccination rate varies from state to state. Bremen has the highest rate of at least first vaccination with 49.5 percent. Saxony lags slightly behind the other states at 40.7 percent. Saarland leads the way in terms of pace when considering all vaccine doses administered, while the campaign is slowest in Brandenburg, according to the RKI. However, the eastern state has also received just under the fewest vaccine doses of all the states so far.

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