UPDATE! Austria`s next steps in the fight against COVID 19

On Monday, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz presented the next steps in the fight against the corona crisis and a first roadmap on the way back to normality. For the time being, small shops are to reopen from 14 April, and from 1 May the entire retail sector. The obligation to wear protective masks will be extended, and the initial restrictions extended.

Trade and services:

From 14. April 2020 small shops for the sale of goods and craft Enterprises and garden centers can reopen under the following conditions:

max. 400 square meters of sales area

only one customer per 20 square meters

Customers and employees must wear a mouth and nose protector.

Regular disinfection must be ensured.

Megastores with garden centers can also open their doors from 14.4. onwards, irrespective of the size of the sales area – the other requirements also apply in this area.

The 400 square metre limit applies to the entire area of shopping centres.

From 1 May, all shops selling goods as well as hairdressers can open under strict conditions.

All other service areas including hotels and restaurants will be evaluated by the end of April, with the aim of allowing gradual opening from mid-May.


Restaurants, hotels and schools will – as of now – remain essentially closed until mid-May. The development will be evaluated by the end of April. Further details will be announced by Education Minister Heinz Faßmann (ÖVP) in the coming days.

Matura can be completed under strict conditions.

Children will be taken care of  in kindergartens or schools if they cannot be looked after at home.

At the universities, courses are to be held digitally until further notice – exams can therefore be held if the relevant requirements are met.


Events are prohibited until the end of June. By the end of April, a decision will be made on what will be possible over the summer.

In order to be able to implement the relaxation of trade, accompanying measures are also needed to reduce the risk of a second wave of infection.

Other restrictions

The exit restrictions will remain in place until the end of April, when they will be further evaluated.

Besides the daily necessities, after Easter you can go shopping in all the shops that are open at that time.

Even moving around in the fresh air is still possible – for this purpose the Federal Gardens will reopen on the Tuesday after Easter. However, there will be strict admission controls. The police will check whether the distances to other people are observed.

Extension of the obligation to wear masks:

In addition to supermarkets, compulsory masks will be implemented in all shops open from April 14th.

There will also be an obligation to wear mask on public transport from 14 April.

If no mouth and nose protection is available, a scarf or shawl can also be used.

  • Hector Pascua, Source – Press Conference conducted on Monday, April 6, 2020 at the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Vienna. Picture: oe3.at

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