UPDATE: Restrictions in Austria – more social distancing and wearing of masks

A miracle would have to happen and the spread of COVID-19 would be minimized or even stopped through an effective drug or even a vaccination: Otherwise, significant restrictions on our movement will remain in place for a number of months.

We will have to wear masks and observe social distancing. We will not be allowed to leave Austria – and tourists will hardly or not at all be allowed to enter Austria. Unless they are guaranteed that they are negatively tested from corona virus. We cannot visit any parties or festivals – because they have been cancelled. We will certainly not be allowed to watch football matches in the stadium, but hopefully at least on TV.

It is still unclear whether open-air swimming pools can open at the height of summer. Lakes will open for swimmers though strict precautions will be implemented. Summer in Austria is more uncertain than ever.


This is a burning issue among thousands of concerned families: When will classes in schools start again? Officially: Not before mid-May. Unofficially: probably in autumn.


The guests and operators of restaurants, inns and cafés hope that they will be able to resume operations in mid-May. If this will be implemented, social distancing should be observed. Possibly the number of people sitting together at one table will be limited. The staff should likewise wear masks.


Tennis, golf, athletics and more sport activities are allowed again from the beginning of May. But team sports and especially martial arts are still far from being allowed.


Supermarkets, hardwares stores and garden centres are open, thus satisfying the basic needs of Austrians. The rest will be added at the beginning of May – subject to strict restrictions on the number of people and compulsory use of masks.


We will not be allowed to board airplanes or even cross borders into countries that are not absolutely “Corona-safe”. The Austrian government is promoting summer vacation with the family on alpine pasture or by the lake, to support Austrian tourism.

Culture & Events:

All major events including concerts, will be banned until 31. August 2020


The Corona crisis also severely restricts religious life. Churches, synagogues and mosques must are closed.

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