Health Minister Anschober wants to push new infections below 1,000

Health Minister Rudolf Anschober wants to drastically reduce the number of new coronavirus infections in January. “My personal dream would be to get below 1,000 cases per day,” he said in an APA interview. The targeted date for the expiration of the currently valid hard measures on January 24 and 18, respectively (for all those who have “negative test” results), will hold from the current perspective, he said. “That is the declared goal. Currently, it looks quite like it,” said Anschober.

Admittedly, he expects fixed effects of the Christmas festivities on the new infection figures. “But at the same time, we have the lockdown regulations since Dec. 26, and that will have a strong impact. That means that in total, there should be a significant reduction in the number of infections.”

The stated “minimum goal,” he said, is to bring the 7-day incidence to below 100 (from the current level of about 150). He wants to see the reproductive factor at no more than 0.8. He wants to reduce the number of intensive care beds occupied by CoV patients from well over 400 to 200.

With the free mass tests planned for mid-January, “the infection situation should be reduced once again. The concrete rules to the tests want to present the Minister as announced in the first January week. The necessary legislative decision should also be made at the beginning of January.

Vaccination: Preference for groups with special risk
After the mass tests, vaccinations will take place in a step by step basis. All interested parties need not worry, they will be informed in time, Anschober stressed; persons with special risk have the preference.

The goal is that everyone who wants to be vaccinated will also receive a vaccination offer by the summer, he repeated. The plan depends on the dates of approval of the vaccines and deliveries.

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