1,233 new infections in Austria

Austria opens on May 19. The combination of FFP2 masks, intensive testing and regional measures has “more than paid off,” according to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. The figures are on a “very good track,” he said.

Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler is also “much more confident than he was a month or two ago.” Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein warns against too much optimism: the pandemic is “not over yet.” It is imperative that safety precautions be observed and adhered to during the opening steps.

In any case, the figures for the last few days give cause for cautious optimism: yesterday, 1,333 new infections were reported across Austria, less than the seven-day average of 1,421 cases. The weekly incidence per 100,000 inhabitants decreased and the number of hospitalized persons also declined.

From yesterday to today, 1,233 new infections and 23 additional deaths related to Covid-19 were reported. Thus, the downward trend in infections continued over the weekend.

To date, there have been 630,050 positive test results in Austria. As of today, 10,374 people across Austria have died as a result of the Corona virus and 601,958 have recovered. Currently, 1,319 people are undergoing hospital treatment due to the Corona virus. Of these, 405 are being cared for in intensive care units.

The figures from the federal states
Burgenland: 23
Carinthia: 64
Lower Austria: 229
Upper Austria: 258
Salzburg: 43
Styria: 264
Tyrol: 123
Vorarlberg: 104
Vienna: 125

  • source: sozialministerium.at

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