Further restrictions for celebrations, leisure and gastronomy

Since midnight, further restrictions on the fight against the coronavirus and Covid-19 have been in place, affecting private parties, recreational activities, gastronomy and markets and fairs. The government hopes that this will prevent a second lockdown. Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober expressed confidence “that we will not fall into a second wave”.

At private events without assigned and marked seats, only ten people are now allowed, instead of the previous 50. According to the Ministry of Health, this includes “social activities in groups”, such as yoga classes, Zumba lessons, card games and evening games, but also film screenings, exhibitions, weddings and christening, confirmation and First Communion celebrations. Only funerals are excluded.

The new upper limits – a maximum of 100 people are allowed outside at non-professionally organized events without a security concept – do not apply to professional events, i.e. not even to professional sports. Explicitly excluded by the government were private apartments for which there are no limits, but only a recommendation not to receive guests excessively.

In addition, the obligation to wear masks is being tightened. Mouth and nose protection is now to be worn at all markets and trade fairs, including outdoors, and in the catering trade indoors by customers and staff alike. The mask may only be taken off at the host’s seat, with a maximum of ten persons per table. The 1.00 a.m. closing time, which has been mandatory for some time now, must now also be observed at closed events – privately rented clubs or restaurants.

— Hector Pascua, Source APA. Picture: stockilyapp.com

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