Meetings, travel, indoor masks – here are all the rules

24-hour curfew and FFP2 mask in the office. Since Monday it is clear what is allowed and what is not allowed during the Easter holidays.

In Vienna (April 1 to 11), Lower Austria and Burgenland (April 1 to 6) there is a 24-hour curfew.

People are allowed to leave their private living quarters to go shopping, to work, to care for those in need of support, to avert danger to life and limb, to have contact with parents, children and siblings, for outdoor recreation, to walk the dog and to attend a church service.

Only meetings of an individual with another household are permitted. Thus, a son may visit his parents, but they may not visit him as a couple.

For departures from the eastern provinces, the same exceptions apply as for the curfew. So a Viennese is allowed to visit his brother in Tyrol. Not allowed: shopping for Lower Austrians in Upper Austria.

Instead of until April 11, the FFP2 mask requirement and the distance rules in public transport, stations, train stations and airports now apply until April 25. The FFP2 mask requirement in cabs and carpools has also been extended until then.

From April 1, indoor masking will be mandatory if there is more than one person in the room.

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