Burgenland locks up again today

Shopping, going to the hairdresser and to school – Burgenland is ending the Corona lockdown today. Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPĂ–) announced the opening step after the Easter lockdown last Wednesday. In addition to commerce, educational institutions and body-related service providers, museum and library visits are also permitted again.

Unlike in neighboring Lower Austria or the federal capital, it is now possible to go shopping again in Burgenland. The police will increasingly check around shopping centers to see whether Lower Austrians are among the shoppers. In this case, those stopped will have to prove that they are on a legitimate trip – for example, just on their way to the grocery store.

300,000 tests per week
Doskozil also issued a target of 300,000 tests per week. In addition to supervised self-tests in companies, the nose-picking tests in schools and the voluntary Lollipop tests for the youngest children, there is a test region in Parndorf and Neusiedl am See where the opening step is accompanied scientifically.

  • source: kurier.at/picture: pixabay.com

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